Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

My name is Eleanor, and I'm a full stack software developer specialized in Python with three year's experience building web applications for tech startups.


  • Developing web applications
  • Backend development with Django and Flask
  • Front end development using HTML and CSS
  • Writing technical specs
  • Collaborating with diverse development teams, design and product management



JavaScript, jQuery
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Materialize


Python, Django, Flask, SQL


Pair programming, agile development, documentation
Github, Git



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About Valeezclose

Valeez is a web app that helps travellers pack for their next voyage with a weather forecast and a packing list. First version completed and deployed with Heroku January 2016.

The biggest challenge with this project was getting everything working together in Heroku and piecing together the user authentication from various tutorials.

Tech stack:
Django, Python, PostgreSQL, django-registration-redux, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Weather Underground API


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About habituallyclose

habitually is a web app that draws on data from tens of thousands of Americans to predict how you spend your time and your money using your demographic profile. Completed April 2015 and deployed with Python Anywhere.

This was my first web application; the biggest challenges were cleaning data, and getting Angular to work with Flask.

Tech stack:
Python (incl. scikit-learn, numpy), SQL, Flask, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

iPhone apps

I've developed a few apps for iPhone as part of the Udacity Nanodegree coursework in iOS Development.

I'm proud of these apps because I did a lot of work on cleaning and optimizing my code when I had just started learning Swift.

MemeMe - DemoCode
Roshambo - DemoCode
Pitch Perfect - DemoCode